RED RED was marooned on Earth when their ship exploded after they tried to fuel it with used fritkot oil. They play psychedelic rock music beamed from the turntables of the Great Galactic Ape. Raise your viandelles in the air and shout your allegiance, mammals.

Fronted by an American ethnomusicologist, with 4 Belgian virtuosos on guitar, bass, drums and turntables, RED RED is good for the pancreas, liver, and the easement of manly afflictions. RED RED is for the dancing. Or the listening and standing. Not for jiving. The Great Ape tolerates no jive.

Vi.Be 6 R E D R E D - Tom 2
Dr. Tom – Vocals, Steel Guitar, Lute
Vi.Be 2 R E D R E D - Chris
Chris – Bass Guitar, Beard
Pieter RedRed 'n
Pieter – Hits Things For a Living
Vi.Be4 R E D R E D - DJ Courtasock
DJ Courtasock – Wheels of Steel
Vi.Be R E D R E D 3 - Steve
Steve – Guitar, Plasma Bulldozer, Banjo